Greatest Anti-MAULAG!!!- this must be a joke

the fight continues
Say no to MAULAG!!! – this must be a joke

This is pathetic, and more bewildered than the V.C’s death. The announcement of Mr President that the University of Lagos will now bear Moshood Abiola University. Thereby changing our collective identity and affecting our destiny in terms of reference and reputation. Unilag has produced great erudite personalties over the years, this is due to the strength in her name which bears no regional identity. Nigerians assumed the University of Lagos as an institiution where freedom of equity and non-regional identity reign supreme. Tell me, which intellignence lies in sectionalising a central Nigerian University to a tribal or regional university in terms of identity. This shows clearly that the federal executive councils headed by Mr President lacks innate wisdom.


1. Unilag will lose its identity for life, thereby portraying her as a regional or tribal University.

2. The veracity and life in the name Unilag, which motivates students to put extra effort in their academics will forever be sapped.

3. this will definitely affect our perception, reputation and acceptance outside of this great institution.

4. There would be a great gulf between UNILAG Alumni and “MAULAG” Alumni thereby loosing effort of the past to the wind.

5. The accolades and respect we enjoy as Unilag students or Unilag Alumni will be drowned before our own very eyes

6. This is a plot to put Unilag down the drain and cast a dirt on its prestige.


1.Students must shun school acitivities, and continue the protest on a daily basis until we achieve ultimate reversal of the school names to its status quo.

2. Students must refuse anything printed or written in “MAULAG”

3. Even if we don’t have a student union body presently, we must stand as one against this ill-concieved idea.

4. Everything is against the changing of the names, therefore we must defeat it.

by Mike Pillar


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