SAY NO TO MAUL – the protest is to stand at Third Mainland Bridge

Students shouting “go away to the commissioner of police”


Nasir El-Rufai @elrufai via twitter
Unless & until NASS amends the University of Lagos Act, Unilag remains Unilag…the name cannot and has not been changed by a mere speech!

Heard d president wil b in Lag later today. Wil his Presidential Jet ply d 3rdMB route? Tel ’em UNILAG/MAULAG stds to go block d upa atmosphere. That is d President’s route!!!

The Unilag student in protest at the 3rd MB
Unilag students Taking over Third Mainland bridge

The name UNILAG is sharper than any two edged sword ready to smite anyone who tries to take her pride . The University of Lagos students’ are saying no to MAUL and are planning on a massive protest in the street of Lagos today. In their plan, larger part of their peaceful protest will take place at the Third Mainland bridge where they are planning to make their voice heard by the world at large.

Based on the interview with one of the student, he said

United we stand. we are saying no to MAUL and it is either UNILAG or nothing therefore we are not going to rest until Mr President Change is rather annoying decision to change the name of the university of first choice and the nations pride back to its glory. If M.K.O what to be honoured, he should do so in another means and not changing a university that used 50years to build its name to nothing and besides M.K.O abiola already has a Polythecnic, Stadium, Road, Garden etc. in his name.

The protest is continuing in the day to as the fight for Occupy Unilag stands. More information will be brought to you on the event and happening that will take place today.


Mr President (GEJ)  says that If the university of Lagos is not willing to accept the new name given by the Government, He is going to close down the University of Lagos!!

People must we continue to Look at this act of INJUSTICE?


5 thoughts on “SAY NO TO MAUL – the protest is to stand at Third Mainland Bridge

  1. i expect everyone of us to be sincere and come out in public and ask wat has MKO really done for us to deserve any recognition wat so ever the only thing was that he won june 12 election
    1993 thatz all the said money most of them benefited was the money he stole from the government people like fela wont buy dis idea of making him look like a legend or a great man
    if our so called leaders are blind we knw the history atleast want we have read from sincere people not the blind leaders who want us to fellow dem blindly… We dont need renaming, all we need is an active government that is active in infrastructure, power supply, good water, good governance, good jobs for the people and security for all….no naming ceremony oooooo


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