#OCCUPY UNILAG – DAY 3 the protest against military men at the University gate

The Pictures of the 3Mainland Bridge protest

The Pictures of the 3MB protest

The students of the University of Lagos have decided that today will be a protest free day as it is in honour of the past Vice Chancellor’s Burial prior to the invasion of the International Airport which was in their intent before. But the latest event and happening Is that the University gate is surrounded by military personnel’s saying that if any student leaves the school, he or she is not coming back into the school again. This, the students have viewed this as a sign of insult on their cause therefore, they are staging a protest against the military personnel’s to leave and allow students and guest who are to attend their VC’s burial to enter the University.

Also Rep says

Jonathan statement is just an expression. A university founded with an act in 1992 will have the act amended before it can be changed. Therefore, any hand that makes a move to amend such will dry up by fire.

Sign the petition… Together, we can fight dis dictator. http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/referendum-against-unilag-change/sign.html.

The Pictures of the 3MB protest