3 best practices when following your passion

Your Passion is your drive for your vision so understand the 3 best practices when doing this by nancykpatterson

nancykpatterson - the original cinnamon popsicle

Okay so you are thinking of your “soon to be” startup. You are talking to people asking questions, debating options but nothing seems to click.

You want to be an entrepreneur but don’t know what to do. Someone says… What do you love to do??? Do that! Follow your passion!

You think… She’s right! I am gonna do it. Then you go online and everyone is talking about what a bad idea it is to follow your passion for business.

Why? What was the problem? Well It might be a few things but generally the issue is this: does it fill a need or provide value?

Here are three things to consider that must align with your passion for success. Value, skill and monetization.

Here are some examples:

1. Value: Loving something yourself and having others believe that item is valuable enough to buy are two different things. Sometimes people…

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