The URPSA dinner and award outro (behind the scene)


Good Evening ladies and gentlemen – if there are any at this event, which I sincerely doubt.

I remain as always, the unbridled mouthpiece of the Department of Public Matters, and joining me today is a damsel of unquestionable beauty Shalewa Williams (please don’t clap, a thousand pairs of hands are not enough to acknowledge her heavenly pulchritude). Together, we will be your Lead consultants for the night hoping to bring you the best of the best in the Planning Profession.

Any questions?

*blank stares*

Didn’t think so too


Guerrero:  *Pause*, how did we get here?

unilagOLODO: See question, we enter 30 naira cab noni.

Guerrero: Not that, unilagOLODO (no pun intended) I mean rising to the height of being the best planning school in Nigeria according to TOPREC statistics.

unilagOLODO: Oh that one, how I wan take know? I be HOD?

K-father: I know joor. The bold step was taken, the department of urban and regional planning was started, and “sharzam” we are here celebrating the planning profession.

unilagOLODO: sharzam ko boko haram ni. You think say na superman movie you dey? Abeg splash water for him head.

Patrick Geddes: This question is rather simple, just check the university’s site ( it will answer all your incumbent questions.

Anyways, for in-depth details simply log on to (for the boring part of the story) but let’s just say a bit about it here.

As far back as 1995 17 years ago, simple maths, the department was created with the first HOD as Mr Akinmoladun (and till now he is still the father of the department). From then till now, we have produced a lot of alumnus such as Mr Olajide (a.k.a paranra), Mr Orelaja, Mr Agunloye (a.k.a guy man), Miss Yadua (now Mrs) to mention only those we know as they have refused to take the department’s alumni seriously. But our products and works speaks for us anywhere we go, so there is no problem.

*PHCN takes light*

*generator comes on*

we interrupt this program to bring you a public service announcement, it is a matter of national security !

For those of you that were invited to MAULAG, it is with great pleasure I am informing you that you are at the wrong venue so kindly leave the hall now or face the wrath of the UNILAG voice boys are not smiling.

*nobody leaves*

On that note, I welcome you to the Urban and Regional Planning Student’s Association Dinner and Award Night.

Your mind is a weapon, get your ambition straight and the pictures will speak reality.

The season 2 (2011/2012) reality TV show of the Urban and Regional planning students association started with a welcome party for the fresh fish(es) into the welcoming hands of the norms and values of what we stand for and well, on the night there was not one dull moment.

Moving on, we started the HOD’s cup which was flagged off by the HOD herself and wow! I Never knew she … Sorry, I want to graduate with a smiling face .The games were a show of raw talent and skill with the likes of Lionel Mercy, yr2, yr3,  Abayomi, Emma etc but at the end of the event, the year 1 neophytes came out as the winners of the cup showing the other levels that they have what it takes.

lool, what did you expect ? they don’t have studio’s to deal with yet besides dem neva see broadsheet.

We further graced the DEAN’s cup with a passion and at the closing game, the vicious legs that stopped us from becoming the winners were those belonging to the building department’s mercenaries team. You should have seen them like giants, but we gave them a run for their money either ways. At the end of the game, we were crowned the second position.

The faculty debate waved at us and we sucked it in coming out the winner as expected, being defending champions. Adedurin Samuel and Amusu Rehanat were our representatives after winning at the departmental level.

The peak of the show was the URPSA WEEK which was trending with the #Anticipate tag at every corner of the faculty, the university environment at large, our twitter page and Facebook group (check the end of this post for links).  Events held include:

  1. The Health, safety and the environment (HSE) Training
  2. The Faculty Conference
  3. The departmental Debate
  4. The EKo Atlantic Tour
  5. And well, here we are celebrating at the dinner and award.

Present tense facts tell us that our former HOD Prof Leke Oduwaye is now the Dean of the Faculty of Environmental sciences and the incumbent HOD is now DR (Mrs) I. C Nwokoro (often called the mother of the department even though sometimes she no dey give students face!).

Also I am proud to say that the new faculty president of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences is a URP student -Mr Shittu Adewale . An up close and personal interview with his Excellency by an international news reporter (ibossk) revealed thus:

Ibossk: Sir, congratulations on your victory at the just concluded faculty’s student association elections.

His Excellency: Thank you very much.

Ibossk: so what are your plans for the coming session?

His Excellency: My team and I are planning to bridge the wide gap that exists between the professionals and the students causing a lack of mentorship and even viewing the endless possibilities that exist in this profession of ours. This will help the students keep focus and even increase their passion for the profession.

Ibossk: A good plan at that. Thank you very much sir for your time and for more details of His Excellency’s manifesto and plans visit , and till we meet again, I am THP.

This session has been both an interesting and captivating one with all the drama that unveiled just within the nick of time and the actors perfectly acting out their scripts well to define the time spent. And well, for those that missed out of the fun, we can only hope that you have another year to experience it over again.

As for you all, the graduating class 2012 (#OstrongTeam) cheers and congratulation on scaling through the unimaginable stress we have to go through studying this course of ours and to top it all up, lecturers!

Well you know the rest but today we raise our glasses up and drink to the fullest as we made it.

*insert Busta Rhymes ‘we made it’ track*

Messi: I dey envy ooooo. But, me sef go reach there one day

unilagOLODO: no mind them, all of them wey no dey help person for studio!

Gattuso: All those Dead classes (socially please), from year 1 to finals, dem no even fit organise any party! Pathetic.

Patrick Geddes: Well we are all scholars; we party less and work hard. It pays (at the end of the month)

k-father: If I hear, abi una no just sabi. Shout out to my coursemate’s on IT jare.

Patrick Geddes: well, we don leave the party for una make una dey do am. You’ll meet us on the other side of life.

At this point of closing the curtains, we say thank you to everyone for their support both morally and financially towards the success of all our events. Also, we say a very big thank you to all the Executives of the urban and regional planning student’s association.

That’s all from me for now. For more gist and stories to interest you in all aspects , visit

TILL WE MEET AGAIN, I leave you in the hands of the El-classico and the sweet words of Martin Luther King…




2 thoughts on “The URPSA dinner and award outro (behind the scene)

  1. I couldn’t help but 2 etch a smile all through d wonderful piece of writing. Nice concept. Making me feel envious of not being a unilag/urpsa student. @wole ademola, i see you, enough respect.


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