The welcome back Party!


*This is the remix*

Welcome back from the long absence from the online presence.

*Don’t tell, but i was captured*

Now what did I miss? Is it the fact that it is now a weekly routine for a numbered Nigerians to lose their lives to one causality or the other? Or that Finally the Nigerian music industry is living up to its expectation of keeping millions of Nigerians entertained – ((((((((Tonto Dike)))))))) Hear you are toping the chart! IF you don’t mind, I will like to get to know your secret of successfully damaging millions of laptops and mobile phone just because they listened to your debut song {I’m even scared of mentioning the name }.

Yea, for those that care to listen! Congratulations as you are one of the selected few that I will never give a Fuck about!   Ask me why and I’ll direct you to dbanj – he does better with explanation.

*music changes*

*Kokolet 1,2, why me oooo!*

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: Burna Boy Fell down on stage during performance at the just concluded Heeadies……

*I guess he like to party that much*

………..and he was cursing, that’s the height!!!! As to who he was cursing, *lips sealed* After all, the so called Hip Hop AWARDs as much as it was hyped was not that special as turnout was super low. On the other hand,


Was smoking HOT! The African shrine was set ablaze. Strings striking vibes, ever ready guys keeping it real with the African queens. Search for exactly what went down leaves a question



As much as I luv you, I cannot dwell on the sad stories flying the air all around us, yet I have to keep my ever appreciated readers happy so do not get clouded by my omission of the Flood situation, the Boko Haram menace *even though 007 has agreed to take care of the situation for us after his premier of SKY FALL*, the fuel crisis, and so many more  that I refuse to mention. But hey with Nigerians, there is never a dull moment to live life and have fun because WE DESERVE IT.

TILL WE MEET AGAIN, I leave you in the hands of the El-classico and the sweet words of Martin Luther King…………………………………………..



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