Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature Exynos 5450 processor

Just a super-fast quad-core chip with an octa-core GPU.
Samsung Galaxy concept phone

The next iteration of Samsung’s flagship Android smartphone, the handset unofficially dubbed the Galaxy S4, will sport an Exynos 5 series chipset, rumours suggest.

Shadowy sources familiar with the South Korean phone-maker’s plans claim that the S4 will be powered by the next-generation Exynos 5450 processor with four Cortex-A15 cores at 2GHz and a staggering eight-core Mali-658 GPU.

Just to put these into perspective, the newly unveiled Google Nexus 10 tablet is powered by an Exynos 5 chip with two Cortex-A15 cores at 1.7GHz and a Mali-604 GPU (same as the new Chromebook), making the mooted specs of the S4 nothing short of jaw-dropping.

According to the tipsters, to counter the battery drain effect that such a powerful chip can have, Samsung will underclock it to 1.7GHz per core. To further conserve power it’ll use an energy-efficient 28nm manufacturing process, in addition to on-die LTE support.

Although it’s highly unlikely given that flagship Galaxy kits have reached A-list status much like the iPhone, which now has its own event, there’s chatter that the S4 might make its first appearance at the Mobile World Congress expo in February.

What’s more probable is that Samsung will announce the handset at one of its Unpacked press gatherings in March at the earliest.

Keep your hats on for more S4 news and rumours in the months ahead.



One thought on “Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature Exynos 5450 processor

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