Samsung Galaxy S IV may be announced in April 2013 under Project J

The Samsung Galaxy S IV has been pretty potent fodder for rumour mills. The latest rumour regarding this handset is that it will be announced in April 2013 and will feature in a project from Samsung called Project J, a report by SamMobile notes.

The details for this handset are pretty scarce at the moment except for this tentative date of announcement and the new project it will fall under. The report went on to mention other details of the handset which had already surfaced previously such as the size of the display, a 13MP camera and that it will feature a quad-core CPU.

Late last month it had been reported that a benchmark on NenaMark had surfaced showing a handset with a model number GT-I9400. If the numbering system so far is anything to go by, this may well be the highly anticipated successor of the Galaxy S III.

Samsung logo

Samsung to unwrap the Galaxy S IV in April 2013
One may be a little taken aback by the low specifications found in the benchmark, namely, the WVGA resolution of 480 x 800 and the 1.2GHz CPU frequency. However, these should be taken with a large dose of salt, and one should definitely not expect these specifications to be associated with the device once it is available for purchase. Prior to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III, which had the codename GT-I9300, the handset had appeared on benchmarks in December with a display sporting a resolution of 800 x 480 and a dual-core processor. The brand did not launch the handset with these low specifications, so one can definitely expect the GT-19400, to be launched with specifications that are not the same as the ones mentioned in the benchmark.

The major feature associated with the Samsung Galaxy S IV is a 4.99-inch, 1080p display. Rumour mills are abuzz with news that the upcoming flagship smartphone will come equipped with a 13MP camera.

This news comes as no surprise because the Samsung Galaxy Note II was supposed to feature these camera capabilities. However, that did not happen. The camera optics of the handset, supplied by Sony, were in short supply. Hence, the optics could not be placed in the handset.

For Samsung to use this camera on its upcoming smartphone, the handset would require more processing power as well as extra RAM, presumably 2GB. If Samsung does use this 13MP camera on its smartphone, then one would be able to capture images at a resolution of 4208 x 3120 pixels.

Apart from the one about the camera, the other rumour linked with this handset is that it will feature a 2.0GHz quad-core Exynos 5450 processor. It is reported that this chipset will be faster than the one used on the Nexus 10 tablet that was recently introduced by Google and it will be made on a 28nm process.

by Aaron Almeida


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