Sony acquires patent for controller that splits into two

With the current console generation coming to an end, the big players in the market are turning to increasingly innovative designs to increase and maintain their market share. Sony seems to be working really hard on this front and has recently acquired a patentthat details something looks like a normal DualShock controller, but can split into two and has move sensors on each shoulder.


Here is the description of the controller as mentioned in the patent: “A hybrid separable motion controller is provided. The controller includes a first portion including a first handle, a first medial connector defined along a length of the first handle, and a first geometric object defined at an end of the first handle. The controller further includes a second portion including a second handle, a second medial connector defined along a length of the second handle for coupling to the first medial connector, and a second geometric object defined at an end of the second handle. The first portion or the second portion includes a connection sensor for determining whether the controller is in a connected configuration or a disconnected configuration.”


Such a controller with two Move sensors could lead to increased emphasis on PlayStation Move games. The addition of a second Move sensor could also point to more possibilities, and maybe even let you kick off impromptu split-screen Move games. Some of the designs point to it following the button configuration of the current PlayStation Move controller, which has the trigger buttons at the bottom.

All this push for new controllers could possibly be influenced by the launch of the Nintendo Wii U last month. The new touch-based controller has been the major selling point of the system. Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo, hopes that the Wii U’s innovative GamePad controller with the screen will help the console be different from what Microsoft or Sony would be doing, and hopes to change the way people think about a gaming console.

The Wii U’s controller presents new opportunities for gameplay, like in Black Ops II, where you can quickly check the minimap, activate kill streaks and change loadouts mid-game without having to go into menus. Another big use of the Wii U’s controller is the ability to have local multiplayer without having to split the screen, with one person using the TV and the other using the screen on the controller. A solo player can also play only on the controller, allowing friends or family to do whatever they want with the TV.

With the Wii U, Nintendo promises that it won’t miss out on multi-platform games, because the hardware will be much closer to what Sony and Microsoft will have to offer. “We have not successfully kept the momentum of the Wii for about the last two years because third-party publishers have released a smaller number of game titles and Nintendo has also decreased new games for the platform in preparation for the launch of the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U,” said Iwata at an annual meeting with shareholders.

by Shunal Doke



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