Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Review, Specifications, Price and Rumors

Apple believes that Tablets and iPad look sexy and comfortable in large screens not smaller one. So they have launched iPad series in large screens but in recent technology world, Its hard to carry such a large iPad so they came up with smaller but cute iPad Mini. Samsung knows it very well so they already have released twoversions of Galaxy Tab in smaller screen display to attract all kind of users.

Release Date

Most probably, New Galaxy Tab 3 would come up next year between May to September 2013 because Samsung has released most of it’s tabs between this range.

Samsung Tab 3 Specs

1 Siri?

We have seen very close competition between Apple iPad and Samsung Tab. Samsung has two various versions of Galaxy Tab with similar features but in very affordable price. However, I still believe that Apple iPad is worth to buy because It might possible that New iPad 4 would have Siri and if you are in USA, UK and Canada then Siri would work great in your country.

Samsung Galaxy Tab also has voice assistant such as Siri but its not too powerful such as Siri and with iOS 6, Apple has upgraded Siri too. They have included various services in Siri. Galaxy Tab runs on Android Operating System. Google would try to introduce its latest operating system with new version of Android 5 with better voice assistant and with more and more task.


iPad has better and improved camera technology comparing to Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Latest iPad 3 has 5 MP Primary Camera and 1.2 MP secondary camera for apps such as FaceTime while Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has 3.15 Mega Pixel primary camera and VGA secondary Camera.

I am expecting great feature, If we talk about camera. New Galaxy Tab 3 would come out up to 5 Mega Pixel primary and 1.3 Mega Pixel Secondary camera.

3 Processor

Samsung Galaxy runs on Dual Core 1GHz A9 cortex processor. TI OMAP Chip set gives it more power. Many apps such as voice assistant and playing a Adobe flash player video on Tab 3 are quite faster than any other tablets.

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